Friday, December 30, 2011

Reset - Thoughts as I go...

I haven't blogged in over a year.  My last blog post focused on living my life with margin and not "running on empty."  A LOT has happened since November 2010.  

A mentor shared with me a few years ago that I should anticipate change at every turn.  The flip-side of his counsel is that I should not take stability for granted.  I have to admit that I had started to take stability for granted after moving from Maple Valley, WA to Mechanicsville, VA and starting with New Hanover Presbyterian Church.  November 2010 seems like a long time ago.

I am writing tonight because I have been renewed by a week of rest with my family.  I have experienced the value of Sabbath rest, especially the truth that God is ultimately at work and he does not require my attention to every detail of his church.  God has given me the gift of rest.  He also has given me the opportunity to step back and reset.

I am looking forward to tomorrow.  I always have enjoyed the final day of the year because I have always taken some time to review my journal and review my year.  I look forward to doing this tonight and tomorrow.

2011 has been a challenging year and a year of intense growth with new experiences.  I would not have written the script the way that it has unfolded.  I would not, however, change who I have become in/through the journey.

I do not know if blogging will make a return for me in 2012.  I do know that my personal journal has been a refuge for me because I can reflect on Scripture, write down my thoughts/feelings/experiences, record prayers and see God's faithfulness.  Blogging can provide similar opportunities.  

This blog has been a place for me to share my "thoughts as I go" since I started at Princeton Theological Seminary in 2004.  I blogged a lot during seminary as I wrestled with the truths of God and my sense of call.  Perhaps, this is the time again to begin sharing my "thoughts as I go" as I reset...