Wednesday, April 09, 2008

A Different Kind of Birthday

I love my birthday. I really do. I have had some of the most incredible birthday experiences in my seemingly short 32 years of life. Ten years ago (1998), I woke up to find 3000 flyers around the University of Virginia celebrating my birthday with a twist. A few years before that, I gave up about 10 runs in a Junior Varsity baseball game and I came home to find 4 friends bringing me a cake when my parents were out of town on a college visit with my sister. Five years ago, Laurie gave me an XBox and Halo changed everything about video games for me and innumerable memories have been formed on the fields of Blood Gulch.

Yes, my birthday has yielded some of the best memories of my life without a doubt. I shamelessly love my birthday and I take that day to thank Jesus Christ for his grace in my life and connect with others who have been agents of that grace.

Today, was no exception.

On the surface, Facebook provides a shallow way to say "Happy Birthday" because a person simply has to post a message on a wall in order to share a birthday wish. I didn't care about whether it was shallow or not today because I enjoyed getting messages from friends and acquaintances from all chapters of my life.

I am truly a blessing person. God has put me in contact with 304983048930984 different individuals who I have enjoyed getting to know. Today, I was overwhelmed by messages from many of them - on Facebook, through email, on gmail chat, text messages, phone calls, meals, cakes, etc...

I love life. I love Jesus Christ. I love the fact that I can cherish days like this once a year (and actually every day if you know me).

If you wrote me, called me, or facebook'd me then THANK YOU for taking a moment to reconnect with me today on my birthday!