Wednesday, May 25, 2005

long hiatus over

i haven't written in awhile due to the insanity surrounding finals and the transition to the summer. i am now in the midst of a 8 week vacation. this is the most free time that i have had since the summer after 8th grade. of course, i do not have as much free time due to the responsibilities of being a husband and father but the lack of work changes my life significantly.

i have effectively de-toxed from the stress of school and i am now in a period of reflection. i plan on posting some of the remaining questions that are still looming from my first year at Princeton Theological seminary. i will also start to record my random illustrations that i run into through simply living.

this blog is not intended to change the world or to be even a place where anything significantly profound is written. i know that that i need a place to write my ideas and to let them grow or be killed. if anyone is actually reading this then please add a comment and say "hi."

more to come...